St. Gabriel’s Marion — Where Clergy Perjury is Okay

St Gabriel's The Clergy Perjury Parish

St. Gabriel’s is an Episcopal church located in Marion Massachusetts.

Formerly served by interim rector, perjuring priest Bob Malm, the church is now being sued in federal district court for defamation. Here’s a copy of the lawsuit:

While serving as interim rector, perjuring priest Bob Malm contacted the Marion police, falsely claiming that I had threatened, stalked, and harassed him for several years. That’s a bold-faced lie, as we had not spoken since 2017.

So why the lies? Bob lied because I have repeatedly complained about his abusive conduct, including lying, bullying, perjury, and even threatening me. There’s plenty of documentation of perjuring priest Bob Malm’s misconduct, too – just visit my main site at

As to Bob’s perjury, he falsely stated under oath that my mother, then terminally ill, or someone claiming to be her, contacted him repeatedly, only to no-show. It simply didn’t happen.

In subsequent litigation in Massachusetts, perjuring priest Bob Malm again lied, claiming he not only didn’t commit perjury, but he didn’t even know Mom’s name. That’s pretty rich, since he expressly referenced her by name in the original perjury. Below are copies of the perjury.

Even better, the neither St. Gabriel’s nor the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has repudiated Malm’s perjury. Indeed, one dimwit told me that Bob Malm brought the parish “great joy.” If having a perjurer as a priest brings you “great joy,” you and your church need serious help. So, forewarned is forearmed. St. Garbiel’s is a church where perjury is okay, and your donations pay to defend perjuring priest Bob Malm’s lies.